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UPClink Configuration guide (English)

Setup the UPClink connection in your computer or mobile device to access remotely to the Xarxa UPC ressources. You have two different options:

Connect to UPClink with your Internet browser

Compatible with the following Operating Systems and browsers:

Operating SystemsBrowsers
Windows 10 (32 and 64 bits versions) Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome
MacOS Mojave (10.14), High Sierra (10.13) and Sierra (10.12) Firefox, Safari 11.x and 12 or Chrome
64 bits Linux distributions (32 bits are not supported) Firefox or Chrome

Open the URL https://upclink.upc.edu and enter your UPC user name and password. Then click Iniciar Sessió:


Click VPN UPClink UPClink pluggin - Home Page

If it is the first time you access from that computer, click the link Més opcions on the pop-up window:


UPClink pluggin - Install pluggin 1

Then click on Instal·lar/Torna a instal·lar la Aplicació d'Accés de Xarxa


UPClink pluggin - Install pluggin 2


The service will detect the adequate version of the client for your operating system. Then press "Download"

If you have more than one option select the optimal one for your particular case. The following image shows the options for a Linux distribution:

UPClink pluggin - Install pluggin 3


Double click on the downloaded file and complete the installation assistant with all the default options selected.  Then go back to your browser and press "Click here." (see previous image).

Select opening the file with 5 VPN. A security message will warn you that a VPN connection is going to be established and select Permetre sempre la connexió VPN d'aquest lloc.

A new pop up window will show your connection and its traffic statistics. If the VPN has been correctly established you will see a green bullet icon and Connectat.  

 UPClink pluggin - Disconnect

Whenever you want to disconnect press the Desconectar button.

On  further connections from that same computer no installation will be required and you will be able to connect directly from the https://upclink.upc.edu page.

Connect to UPClink installing a client on your computer

Alternatively, you can permanently install the client on your computer. Do this only on your own computers and devices.

Windows 10 (except Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB that does not have the Microsoft Store feature)

Install the client F5 Access from the Microsoft Store  https://www.microsoft.com/es-es/p/f5-access/9wzdncrdsfn0?activetab=pivot:overviewtab

Once the set up is complete, open it and go to "Manage VPN Connections" --> "Add a VPN Connection". Enter this information:

  • VPN provider: F5 Access
  • Connecion Name: UPClink
  • Server name or address: upclink.upc.edu

Then press the "Save" button.

Open the client from the Star menu > F5 Access and then click the Conectar button and enter your user name and password of the UPC Intrantes (obriu en una finestra nova) then press Iniciar Sessió.

Windows 7, 8 and 10 (all releases)

Start by installing the F5 BIG-IP Edge client through this link.

Double click on the downloaded file and complete the installation assistant with all the default options selected.


Download the app from this link

Unzip the file and in the bigipmacedgeclient folder install the package mac_edgesvpn.pkg double clicking on the file. The installation assistant will start .

Complete the installation assistant with all the default options selected.


Find the set up instructions here.

Connect to UPClink

1. Open the BIG-IP Client Edge Client on the Windows Start menu or the MacOS Finder, Launchpad or Dock:

BIG-IP Edge F5 Windows Client

2. Click the Conectar button and enter your UPC intranets user name and password(obriu en una finestra nova) and then press Iniciar Sessió

BIG-IP Edge F5 Windows Client - UPClink Authentication 


3. If the provided user name and password are correct the state on the application will change to Conectado and the main console will automatically minimize. The Windows task bar or the MacOS menu bar will show the F5 icon in red meaning the connection has been established correctly:  F5 icon

4. Whenever you want to disconnect your VPN connection click on the F5 icon on the task bar and select Desconectar:

 BiG-IP Edge F5 Windows Client - UPClink Disconnect


On further connections, you will only have to open the F5 BIG-IP Edge client or the F5 icon on the task bar and press the "Conectar" button.