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Teaching staff


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electrico-svg.jpg Get ready to telework

  • You need a device that is connected to the internet, preferably with a camera, speakers and a microphone
  • Make sure your device is up to date and secure

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Agreements on the use of proprietary software

The UPC has several agreements on the use of proprietary software: AUTOCAD, MATLAB, MINITAB, Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching, LabVIEW, Multisim, SOLIDWORKS and MAPLE. 


The office at home

Your UPC phone 

You can use UPCconnect service, or you can install another softphone client.



Telefónica improves the UPC contract until  30th of April

  • 1GB rates are extended to 3GB
  • 3GB rates are extended to 5GB
  • 5GB rates are extended to 12GB
  • 12GB rates are extended to 20GB

Work in the cloud


Google Gsuite

Consult documents on Google GSuite at the UPC

All of the UPC community, students, teaching staff and administrative staff now have a Google account that allows them to use applications such as Drive, Meet Chat and Hangouts.

N.B.: in accordance with the Data Protection Law, students' e-mail accounts are not visible in the UPC's G Suite directory


Staff accounts

Format of the address: user@upc.edu, in which "user" is the same as in UPC intranets, as is the password.  

Updates to Gmail follow the established schedule


Students accounts

Format of the address: user@estudiantat.upc.edu (that's "estudiantat", not "estudiant"), in which "user" and the password is the same as in ATENEA.    

The Gmail service is NOT currently active but will be in the future.  

To access G Suite applications:

  1. Access a service such as Drive
  2. When Google asks for your username, enter user@estudiantat.upc.edu (that's "estudiantat", not "estudiant"). 

  3. The UPC will ask for your UPC username and password (the same ones you use in ATENEA).

If you still have questions, consult the FAQs

Aplications that are available in GSuite

  • Drive: storage, sharing and simultaneous editing of documents. 

  • Meet: audio and video communication, online meetings and document sharing. 

    - Exceptionally 250 simultaneous users are allowed (until 30 Setember; 100 after that). 

    - Meetings can be recorded (until 30 Setember).

  • Chat: instant communication in thematic rooms and bots for planning tasks and notifications

  • Calendar: organise your time, classes and meetings with fellow students and professors.

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