UPC Student Software Licenses (English version)

Student and Teacher Software Agreements

You can find the summary of the licenses that the UPC has contacted you at this link:

AUTOCAD and other AutoDesk products

You will find the software and codes in the student website:

You can register with your email account, or or

In addition, you will be required to provide a document certifying your association with the UPC (UPC card, registration slip...). The same name must appear on the card or documents and the information must be readable.

This procedure has been in place since June 2020, these validations are valid for 12 months, so every year teachers and students have to validate themselves using their university cards or valid documents where their data can be distinguishable and readable and associated to their account information (the same name must appear on the card or documents and must be read correctly).


On-Line version of ArcGIS PRO and other ESRI products. On the website the PDIs can register their students to make use of the online licenses and will deregister them at the end of their studies.

ArcGIS PRO - Training

The agreement with ESRI for the limited campus license contemplates the use by the teaching staff of 175 training credits, which gives the possibility to teachers and researchers of the UPC, to take courses on ArcGIS in different modalities (online and remote)

  • Remote training: Training with video conference with the aim of maintaining a training equivalent to presential training, 1 hour of course = 1 academic credit
  • Online training: Training that can be followed on the Aulacgis online training platform The user has at his disposal documentation, exercises, multimedia content, videos ... You also have an online tutoring system to resolve doubts with ESRI tutors. 5 hours of online course = 1 academic credit

MATLAB and other Mathworks modules

The agreement with Mathworks allows you to use software that can be downloaded directly from their website. To download the software, you must create an account at using your UPC email address.

Once the account has been registered with the university email, the student can accesss the Mathworks UPC website:

You will access the website with your UPC credentials and you will be prompted for your mathworks account to associate it with your UPC account.

Important information: during the registering process, it asks if you want to associate the account with the university, answer 'No'. Once created, access the new account to check that everything is OK and then the account can be associated with the university.

This website gives access to technical support, online courses and specific teaching tools.

In this FAQ you will find all the information about the MATLAB license of the UPC.

Our license includes all matlab toolboxes.

The license allows the use of Matlab online ( and Matlab Mobile that connects to MathWorks cloud with your account.

*** Every year, in April, you must reactivate the license. In order to do this you must select "Activate using Internet" in the "Home" tab of Matlab, section "Resources", select "Help > Licensing > Activate Software" and restart MATLAB after activation is complete.

MATLAB - Training


NOTICE End of support
"Starting July 31, 2022, Minitab 19 will be unsupported. Consequently, vendor support for installing, activating, licensing, using, or interpreting output data from the Minitab product will no longer be available 19".

Since 2004, the Campus MINITAB license authorizes UPC students to use the program on personal computers at home. Students and teachers have the right to use and install the program on their personal computers for the period of use of the license, which is 1 year and is renewed annually: http://distribuciosoftware.


The A3 license is available for UPC students (within the "Student Use Benefit" program) that allows Office to be downloaded locally. You can access through the Microsoft portal by logging in with your account ( ) and the username and password of the UPC intranets.

MICROSOFT Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

The UPC has joined the Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (formerly Microsoft Imagine) initiative. This Microsoft program makes available to faculty and students with current enrollment, both in the classroom and at home, the full range of development and design tools, server products, systems Microsoft operating systems, applications and information libraries, so that they can use them in their research and teaching tasks.

Several accesses to the service:

  • If you are a student and do not have an Office365 account, you need to create a new account at: click on 'Create a new account' enter account email and create a password.
    Once this validation is done, you will have to verify your UPC or email on the validation screen.
    You will receive an email with a code to verify your email address and complete account creation.
    After this step, you will be able to access the software.

For more information you can consult the FAQs section.

You can also refer to the following Azure Education FAQ:

On the next website, all the software products available in the Azure Education service are listed

Microsoft services for teaching

Materials and training: free MooCs, the official certificate has a cost.
Microsoft Learn:

Guided labs on using Azure in research Research:
Microsoft Azure for Research Online:

Awards and scholarships in Azure projects:
Azure for Research Award: Data Science:

Azure for Teaching: Azure services can be used with the University username and password and there is no need to enter the credit card.
Azure Free for Students:

LABVIEW, Multisim and other National Instruments products

You will find the list of products included at this link, you can download them from and you will need the student code. This code must be provided by the teacher, sometimes it is published in the subject information in Atenea. The teacher can obtain it from Software Distribution .


Students will be able to have a SolidWorks license, if their school is among those that have contracted it: ETSEIB, EEBE, EETAC, EPSEVG, ETSAV, ESEIAAT, EPSEM and FNB. To obtain the SEK code you will need to check with your teacher.

Check the SOLIDWORKS Student Guide:

Video course online

Solidworks Student Support


 The UPC has Maple, mathematical software for students to perform symbolic, algebraic and computational algebra calculations.

5,000 individual MAPLE activations available for UPC students until February 28, 2023.

You will find the code and the software in the following link:

For any problem with the codes, contact ATIC

CST Studio Suite Student Edition

Access for students to the program CST Studio Suite Student Edition and SIMULIA Learning Community

IBM SPSS Statistics i AMOS

Find the code and the software in the following link: