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UPCGuest connection guide (English)

How does UPCguest work?

Wherever the UPC Wi-Fi network is available (check the campus and buildings where you can find it), you will have the choice to connect to the UPCGuest connection. It provides an Internet connection for any visitor who is not a member of the UPC community or comes from an institution that is not adhered to eduroam.

1- Select UPCguest from the list of available Wi-Fi connections on your mobile device.

2- Open a browser and the UPCguest main page will be shown (https://upcguest-portal.upc.edu/)

3- Complete the registration process providing an email address and a mobile phone number with the format 00 + country code + mobile phone number. Example: 0033654789555

4- An SMS will be sent to the mobile phone number providing you with an activation code.

5- Enter the code in the activation form to start the connection.


How long can I be connected to UPCGuest?

The code for UPCguest you received via SMS will be valid for 30 days.

The maximum lenth of the connection is of 8 hours, at that point the connection will be interrupted and you will have to activate it again on the UPCguest main page using the same original code you received via SMS.


What are the restrictions of the UPCguest connection?

The connection to UPCguest is limited to standard Internet browsing (http, https and 80/443 ports). Most mobile apps use these standards.

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